Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors are available for under $ 5

Friday , 10, February 2017 Comments Off on Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors are available for under $ 5

For those who are not too fond of chocolate and taste too sweet, can choose Blizzard Green Tea Banana. Green tea and banana flavors tasted very strong since the first bite. Even the longer eaten, tastes more delicious on the tongue. With a variety of these variations make the buyer does not get bored because there will always be new flavors. Other advantages of the ice cream are no thirst caused by eating ice cream. Not numb tongue and remain comfortable feeling on the tongue. In addition to taste, the unique thing about ice cream is the way they are presented.

When will be presented to visitors, the ice cream was served upside-down. This is to show that ice cream served in a state of frozen and fresh. For DQ Blizzard Prices, they provide $ 4.69 for a large size and $ 3.19 for the small size and is usually reserved for children. There are several toppings you like oreo, kit kat, green tea and a variety of other toppings. Each topping is processed to taste together in ice cream.

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